Q: Why film your story?
A: It is important for future generations to SEE you and HEAR you to get a better sense of who YOU are and therefore, who THEY are.
The purpose of Legacy Film is to help families and individuals, share life stories, chronicle history, connect generations and save their legacies in a timeless, high-quality presentation.

Q: What is the process?
Step 1: Phone call/pre-Interview.
A chat to hear what your interests are and some research as to what you’d like to talk about.

Step 2: Filming.
The filming takes 2 to 3 hours after setting up sound, camera etc.. in your choice of location, usually your home. It is important that we conduct the interview in a quiet place, preferably with no distractions. We will do everything to make the telling of your story on camera an enjoyable, and memorable, occasion.

Step 3: Editing.
This happens back at base when we compile the footage and add in photographs (around a dozen usually), letters, awards, memorabilia or old film/video that you may want to include in the final package.

Step 4: Delivery.
We present you with 3 copies of the DVD or Blu-ray/Media File. Additional copies can be made on request. If you would prefer the content to be in the Cloud it can also be arranged.

Q: What about photographs?
A: Photographs will enhance your story. We can use printed photos or digital images. Choose photos that show people and events important to you e.g. your grandparents, parents,  schooldays, special occasions, friends and family.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Generally 3 – 6 weeks after filming. If there is a special occasion coming up like a birthday or anniversary you want to include in the Legacy Film, live footage can be taken on the night and added to the final presentation. This will be a more elaborate production so allow extra time.

Q: How long is the finished video?
A: It can be anything from 30 mins up to 2 hours usually.

Q: What if I decide after the recording not to have certain material included?
A: That’s no problem. We will be in contact with you during the editing process and we will follow your instructions in any way we can.

“Take Care of Your Memories
For You Cannot Relive Them”
Bob Dylan