Paddy McEntee
“I have enjoyed a happy, fulfilling, broadcasting career in RTE for 35 years during which time I’ve worked firstly, as a sound man on programmes like the Late Late Show, the Riordans, Glenroe and various other shows (from Bosco to the Eurovision Song Contest).

After being in Dublin I went to Belfast where I became a News Cameraman and Editor covering Politics, and a variety of news stories until the Good Friday Agreement.

Having moved to Galway, I was assigned to many Nationwide features and realised that every person has a story to tell, but more often than not, it goes unrecorded. This is what motivated me to get involved in video biographies but I was also aware how little record I had of my own father and how I would have loved my children to see him move and breathe in a recorded form. With the technology that is available today I think it’s incredibly important to leave moving pictures of ourselves for our descendants and I am very happy to be involved in such a heart warming process.”

Paddy has experience in an extensive range of work from Light Entertainment to the tougher role of cameraman during the Troubles in the North. The diversity of that experience, from politics to chronicling the political, social, economic, and cultural life of the country, makes him ideally placed to use his well developed talents in the field of video biography.

Paddy won an award for his work on Jim Fahy’s documentary ‘Stories from the Twin Towers’ at The New York Festivals in 2002.

Patricia Lambert

“A number of years ago, my art work brought me down a path I hadn’t anticipated, as part of a continuing project with a friend. I started filming people. Young and old, from different backgrounds and environments. It highlighted something that was key to me and my family – the importance of leaving a mark, telling a story and ensuring it is documented to the best advantage.

This pivotal idea, was further emphasised when I saw a video of my grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary, in their garden surrounded by their children and grandchildren. What a treasure. This is what can last into the future, these moments, these precious minutes, memories and stories. This is what I want to help people capture – a Legacy Film.”

Patricia, who is based in Galway, won theĀ  Oriel Gallery “Landscape of Distinction” award in 2010 and the Axa Insurance “Drawing Award” in 2007 both in the Royal Hibernian Academy annual exhibition Dublin.